Monday, 12 November 2007


Dear Students,

We have only one more month and classes finish. Below you will find our Syllabus.

Tenses: Present, Present Continuous, Past, Past Continuous, Present Perfect, Future.

Prepositions: In, on, at about, of, by, behind, in front of, opposite, between, among, before, after, during, etc.\

Articles and Quantifiers

Functions: Give opinions, reasons, agree, disagree, emphasize etc.

Make and Do

Modal Verbs: can, could, may,might, have to, must, need to, should, will, would

Prefix: un, in, im
Suffix: -ly,-en,-able,-ful,-al, -y,-an,-ish,-er,-or etc.

Linkers: after, before, because, so, but, when, while

Indirect Speech

Ing to Infinitive


Passive Voice


Yes, no

Wh and Indirect questions

Vocabulary (Units 1-15)

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