Monday, 30 April 2007

Armenian Genocide

Hello Students,

It´s been a long time since we don´t meet. Many holidays and even a strike. As you know April 24 is a very special day for the Armenian community.

Let´s find out what you know about this. Try to answer the following questions.

- What is the Armenian Genocide?
- Who was responsible for the Armenian Genocide?
- How many people died in the Armenian Genocide?
- Were there witnesses of the Armenian Genocide?
- Why is the Armenian Genocide commemorated on April 24?
- Are the Armenian massacres acknowledged today as a genocide according to the United Nations Genocide Convention?
Source: Armenian National Institute

In your blogs answer these questions and in class we will continue discussing what happened on April 24.

Sunday, 15 April 2007


Today we will learn how to create a cartoon.

• Go to toondoo
• Follow carefully the instructions on how to open your own account
• Select your layout (you have three panels)
• Choose a character. Remember to always double click on the image.
• Then use your imagination to create the cartoon that you want.

Take a look at my Cartoon!!! To view the three panels just place your mouse on the first picture and double click on it and then slide the mouse.

You can also create you own cartoon with Zimmer Twin.
I created a cartoon for my two Business English students.

Sunday, 8 April 2007

Happy Easter!!!

Dear Students,
I hope you had a great Easter together with your family.
Let´s take a look how other countries celebrated Easter and let´s share our own traditions.
See you tomorrow