Tuesday, 8 May 2007


Dear Students,

Last class many of you were asking how to add gadgets to your blogs. You can see a translator gadget in our classroom blog. Go the to following link and copy the code. Then you must sign in to your blog. On your dashboard choose template.
A new page will open where it says"Add and arrange Page elements"
Below it says"Elements" in blue
Double click it. Choose the option HTML/JavaScript. Double click where it says add to blog.
Complete the chart with the following:
Title: Translate
Content: paste(pegar) the HTML code and never forget to save the changes.

Take a look at Google Gadgets for your webpage. Here you will find a long list of gadgets that you can add to your blogs. Don´t forget to copy and paste the code provided in each gadget to your blog.

I hope to be able to translate all your blogs into different languages.
Miss Jennifer

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